Why do you need Cloud Hosting for Your Ecommerce Platform?

Date : August 24 2019

Ecommerce business has completely transformed the retail industry in the last 20 years. Businesses depend massively on various ecommerce marketplace platforms to successfully sell their products and services online.

However, every business owner comes across this question every day whether they need to invest in an on-premise platform or a cloud-based solution for their ecommerce business.

Also, well-established businesses who are already using an on-premise platform are now faced with the same question whether to move their existing ecommerce business to a cloud-based hosting solution is worth for time and effort.

To answer all these questions, in this article, we have listed out the benefits of the cloud-based hosting solution for ecommerce business.

Fast and efficient

Cloud-based ecommerce platform offers various advantages. It can be deployed instantly and it requires less time to start providing revenue to your company.

Businesses and companies no need to worry about the essential IT structure that can support any kind of initiatives.

All the IT work is handled by the host or the vendor, giving you enough time and resources by responding to any kind of new market opportunities that come your way by quickly setting up additional websites for new business models.

Less Cost Compared to Traditional Ecommerce Solutions

One of the prominent discussion about cloud-based ecommerce platform is cost-efficiency. The traditional ecommerce platform is set up locally on the company's hardware system which is managed by the company's dedicated IT Admin Staff.

The infrastructure such as servers and storage to maintain cloud-based ecommerce platform often require a high upfront investment. This investment not only includes the purchase and the platform setup, but it also includes the cost which is needed to maintain server data storage options, security and other additional needs.

On the other hand, cloud-based ecommerce platform provides a dedicated service. The hosting provider is responsible for the software update, bug fixes and keeping all the data secure. To use the platform, it requires a huge initial cost without any additional technical skills.

Finally, most of the cloud-based ecommerce platform is based on the readymade model which mean simply you can pay for any service you can use every month.

Cloud Hosting Allows for Better Back-end Support

Rather blindly focusing on the customer front end of your online store, cloud-based ecommerce platform offers excellent backend support. Core ecommerce business functionality such as customer service, inventory & order management, Search Engine Optimization tools and tax integrated calculation services are all consolidated into one cloud-based ecommerce solution.

This is especially useful for both small and medium-sized businesses who can set up a complete online store that not only engages with the visitors efficiently but also it doesn't require any additional investment.


Scalability is one of the important cloud-based hosting benefits for an ecommerce platform. Most of the online store retailers host special events, new product launches and frequent discount offer during the holiday season to attract huge traffic.

In the traditional ecommerce solution additionally, you will require several resources to withstand this increased demand. The cloud-based hosting solution is considered as elastic which allow companies to scale their business quickly and easily support any spikes level in user demand.

Cloud hosting solution helps you avoid physical super infrastructure. You don't need to buy additional equipment and hire new maintenance staff. With the cloud-based solution, your ecommerce business receives all the required resources and service on demand.

Information is Easily Accessible

Using cloud-based hosting as a solution for your ecommerce business allows the user to access all their important data easily no matter what browser they use.

You also have to think about the company staff member, different suppliers, distributors, and business partner. Allowing quick and easy access to the information which they require results in an efficient business process. Thus, it saves a lot of time that you would normally spend on meetings and appointments.

Mitigating Risks with Dedicated Recovery Options

Unfortunately, nowadays most of the companies do not have a proper disaster recovery plan for their applications and data. Whether it's an unexpected power interruption or a large system failure, these disasters can quickly close down the workplace until it resolved. This can have a serious impact on the servers while hosting on sensitive information.

With cloud-based ecommerce solution, you don't need to worry about the servers undergoing any physical damage or complete system failure. Not to mention that all recovery cost can be quite severe which are handled by the hosting company for your ecommerce store.

Choosing the best cloud-based ecommerce platform

Cloud-based ecommerce platform like Purchase Commerce offers a flexible and scalable solution for both small and medium-sized business. It can greatly reduce the cost which is needed to run and maintain your ecommerce business. It automates most of the business practice which is needed to serve your customers.

Hosting on the cloud allows companies to reroute the resources they would normally spend on hardware, software and financing a dedicated IT team into a better customer experience. This approach makes sure higher conversion rates as well as lower abandonment cart rates, resulting in huge profit margins.

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