Two Amazing Shopping Cart Scripts For Single Vendor and Multi-Vendor Platform

Date : June 8 2019

In this modern world, ecommerce is a great business to earn money. Every customer also prefers to do online shopping to save their time and money.

Multi-Vendor marketplace offers different products from different vendors that is displayed at your ecommerce website. Customer can search & find the products on your website and place an order.

Multi-vendor Shopping Cart Script

Purchase Commerce's multi-vendor ecommerce solution provides the means to invite vendors and allow them to display and sell their products. It empowers vendors to choose flexible subscription plans and pay commissions for every successful sale based on order, product or category option. With such an adaptable business model, take your ecommerce business idea to the next level with our scalable and robust multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace.

In this marketplace, each vendor will have their own dashboard to manage and list their products. Our marketplace has three login panels ⁠— Admin, Vendor and Customer. We offer Angular & NodeJS based single vendor and multi-vendor shopping cart script for anyone to build a full-fledged ecommerce store.

Intuitive Dashboards:

Complete control to Admin: Admin gets full control over vendors, orders, commission, product and much more. Also, earns a commission for each successful order placed on the marketplace.

Vendor Panel: vendor dashboard provides complete freedom and easy-to-use interface for vendors so that it helps to onboard them easily on the marketplace and start selling in no time.

Enormous option for the customer: Every customer gets a rich product catalog with the respective images and competitive pricing by choosing products offered by multiple vendors in the same cart.

Single Vendor Shopping Cart Script

Purchase Commerce is a complete solution for your web store management, online marketing, customer engagement, analytics reports, etc. Our ecommerce platform is flexible enough to catch up with market trends and helps to renovate your business quickly. It is a highly adaptable, fast and secure ecommerce solution.

Purchase Commerce is the perfect solution for any business either it is a small business or a big one. We provide you the most powerful admin panel that let you manage overall control of the store with an attractive storefront.

The Major Difference Between The Single Vendor and Multi-Vendor Ecommerce Business

Both Single vendor and Multi-Vendor ecommerce platform have their unique features as discussed below.

  • In the single vendor e-commerce shopping cart software, the vendor has full rights to change anything in the online store according to their requirement whereas multi-vendor you don't find this feature and less freedom when compared with the single vendor.
  • In single vendor ecommerce website, you have to invest your own ideas and strategies to maintain and also to runs it but it takes a lot of time whereas in multi-vendor, the business is less time-consuming.
  • In multi-vendor ecommerce platform, you don't need to worry about payment gateway integration as it is already inbuilt. The vendor just have to register on the online store and start selling. But in a single vendor, you don't have all these integrations.
  • In the single vendor platform, revenue will be only for the store owner, whereas in the multi-vendor platform, revenue will be split between vendor and admin.
  • In multi-vendor ecommerce platform, customer can track their ordered product and also they get many price suggestions. So, the customer can select the best product at a reasonable cost.

Features of Multi-Vendor Shopping Cart Script

  • Separate Admin Panel for Merchant
  • Unlimited Stores
  • Custom Theme
  • Responsive Website
  • Multilingual
  • Single-Page Checkout
  • Coupons & Discounts
  • Advanced & Proactive Strategy Reports
  • Rating & Reviews
  • Daily Deals
  • Social Media Logins
  • SEO Optimized URL
  • Unlimited Product & Categories
  • Category Group Management
  • Newsletter Management
  • Bulk Email / Newsletter
  • Email Template Management
  • Advanced Product Options
  • Product Multiple Images & Zooming
  • Wish Lists
  • Payment Gateway
  • SMS Gateway
  • Shipping Gateway
  • Android Mobile App
  • iOS Mobile App

By concluding all these points, its help you to decide that the multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace has the best shot in this competitive market. But there is huge competition among all the ecommerce development company in the industry.

Purchase Commerce has developed multi-vendor ecommerce shopping cart script which is built by Angular and Node.js. Our ecommerce platform is capable of developing customized ecommerce solution, deliver a perfect platform to run your online store. We have full packed of ecommerce features which make your online store to stand out from the competition.

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