Smart Ideas to Choose Online Shopping Cart Software for Small Business

Date : May 15 2019

Building a website with an ecommerce shopping cart platform is not the easiest one, but it is the quickest way to start an online retail business from scratch. To start developing an ecommerce site, take your time and prepare a list of high-end features for a successful selling ecommerce shopping cart software. Conduct a survey among your consumers to gather as much information about their desires and expectation.

What is a Shopping Cart Software?

An online shopping cart is a piece of software that manages the record of the buyer's order items from the online store. An ecommerce shopping cart software has an option for their customers to select products, review their order item, make alterations or add extra items if needed, and purchase the ordered item. Both vendor and consumers depend on ecommerce service to close successful sales.

Types of Shopping Cart Software

All online stores must have similar shopping cart software functionality which enables the store owners to sell their products directly to customers. Primarily, there are two types of shopping carts – hosted and self-hosted shopping carts.

1. Hosted Shopping Cart

Hosted Shopping Cart is an in-house solution which are managed by the company who created your shopping cart software. All you need to do to start your ecommerce store is to sign up with your chosen host and you're ready to go live. You can also use readymade templates to set up an online store or simply purchase an ecommerce platform and integrate the same to your existing website and start your online store immediately.

2. Self Hosted Shopping Cart

Self Hosted Shopping Cart is 100% customizable shopping cart software that enables you to build your online store as per your choice and also allows you to host it on your own server.

Why use the Shopping Cart Software?

The purpose of shopping cart software is to support the work of an online vendor who manages larger customer databases and enables at least a simplified self-service method. To make an ecommerce shopping cart website with a reliable service, your customers need to have the options to pre-select, reserve, and store items to their cart which they’d like to purchase on your ecommerce store.

Features of Shopping Cart Software

Different shopping cart software offers different plans and features set. But generally, we have some common functionality. Here you can find the primary features of shopping cart software.

Easy administration:

Shopping cart software comes with an excellent admin panel where you can manage online store items, update data, and set different permissions.

Functional product displays & catalogs:

Shopping cart software enables user interface with customers, which offers excellent product images and descriptions, and a variety of search controls.

Product/Service reviews:

It is the shopping cart software's feature where prospective customer can read other customer’s experience and they can also eventually provide their feedback as well.

Checkout and packing:

Shopping cart software makes a faster & secure checkout process for the customer. It also provides options to complete an order and pay for it without using third-party services.

Analytics and reporting:

The shopping cart software, you can integrate Google Analytics so that it tracks every shopping cart transaction and visitors to your online store automatically, which will help you plan your business strategy.

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