5 Tricks for Choosing the Best Online Store Website Builder

Date : August 24 2019

An online store builder lets you design, deploy, and run your ecommerce website. An ecommerce website comes with all the aspects that needed to run your entire ecommerce process.

The best ecommerce website builder will let you create a brilliant online store and will work as a platform to manage different sales channels and orders.

Most of the online store builder lets you have features like hosting, payment option, pricing, customization, marketing tools, security, etc.

Even though every online store builder provides a unique ecommerce solution, there are also some common features that each store builder must offer.

Do you have an idea about the essential aspects of an ecommerce website? Here you will know the 5 most important aspects that you should consider while choosing the best online builders.

Plans & Pricing

The online store builders mostly offer maximum functionalities at an affordable price. You need to be more careful while selecting the pricing plan for your online store.

It can be a monthly, yearly or one-time payment. Whatever be the pricing plan, it should offer all the necessary features.

Online store builder offers a free demo or trial version so that you can try their readymade ecommerce platform before making the payment.

In the monthly payment option, most of the offers provide basic services. If you need an extra feature to integrate, you should make an extra payment and choose the next level. When you use a yearly payment mode, you may need to pay separately for your maintenance and support services.

In one-time payment, you will be provided with support services it's like buying the whole product with a lifetime subscription. The one-time payment will be a preferable one because it includes most of the features and you don't need to pay extra for additional features.

Desktop & Mobile Platforms

The future of ecommerce business depends on mobile apps so your online store must have a mobile application. Some online website builders provide only a desktop supporting platform, so you need to hire separate mobile app developers.

Look for mobile platforms like PWA if you want to be a stay ahead in the ecommerce business. PWA is an emerging technology, which engages the users with impressive user experience. PWA works similar to the native app. It helps to deploy the apps in multiple targets for all your users.

Intuitive User Interface

Your website must support the users to easily navigate between different pages during payment. The online store must have the necessary features to communicate with your customers in a personalized way. Personalized marketing help to promote the product and increase the website traffic with a relevant audience.

The online store can be integrated with email and social media which promotes the brand directly to the target user.

Language Support

Almost all the ecommerce website developers support mainly English but also some builders support for a particular local language.

Presenting your website in local languages helps to improve the customer base, so you need to have an online builder who can also support for different languages.

For example, Purchases Commerce helps you to build an ecommerce store in your local language along with English language.

Typical Customer Base

The online store builders might have specific solutions for small, medium and enterprise-level business. So, it’s necessary to figure out what kind of customer base the online store builders are targeting for their platform.

Some of the online builders only offer a small-scale ecommerce store because developing and maintaining the small-scale store are easier than the enterprise-level ecommerce store.

Only a few builders offer an enterprise-level online store to handle a huge customer base and a large number of resources. They also help in transferring your small-scale online store into a large-scale store.

Finding the best online store builder

You can find the above-discussed aspects with most of the online store builders. But with only a few of them offers, you can figure out all the important aspects.

Are your online store builders providing all these aspects? Head over to Purchase Commerce which helps to build an advanced online store that has all the features to successfully run your online store. So, if you have any queries or doubts about building your online store, you can clarify with Purchase Commerce's experts.

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