Want to Build a Multivendor Ecommerce Marketplace Platform like Amazon or eBay?

Date : May 24 2019

Nowadays, the online marketplace has become a familiar way to sell both physical and digital products. With a huge demand for ecommerce websites like Amazon and eBay, entrepreneurs are looking for business opportunities in this area to build such an online marketplace.

But the question is, how all those leading multivendor ecommerce marketplaces got you craving to create your own marketplace sites?

In an online marketplace, customers are happy because they get to choose different products from different vendors that sell different brands. You're happy because you get a commission for each order item from each vendor.

Now, let’s take a look into how to build a multivendor ecommerce marketplace platform like Amazon or eBay.

Beginning Steps

Building an ecommerce marketplace idea begins with deciding your multivendor ecommerce marketplace platform.

  • Write out a list of features for your Multivendor ecommerce marketplace platform.
  • Figure out your budget and time frame to launch your own multivendor ecommerce marketplace platform.
  • Review multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace platform by comparing it with your list.

When you are listing the features for your marketplace site, you shouldn’t forget the following essential features of a multivendor ecommerce marketplace platform.

Essential features of a multivendor ecommerce marketplace platform

If you want to build a successful multi vendor ecommerce marketplace platform, you’re going to need the below list of features:

Vendor Registration

Multiple vendors able to easily register their profile on your ecommerce marketplace platform and also, they need to create their own product listings. If it’s difficult for vendors to list their products, they’ll go somewhere else which leads you to lose business.

Quick Search Feature

Quick search is always a necessary feature for the ecommerce marketplace platform, but for multi vendor ecommerce marketplaces, it’s crucial. Ecommerce platform is like a sea, so every customer must be able to find what they need in an easy manner.

Easy Reviews

On your ecommerce marketplace site, you'll have multiple vendors. Every customer needs to read and write reviews for vendor products so that the vendors can stabilize their reputation in the online marketplace. This feature will help you to earn customer trust and it will improve your sales revenue.

Digital Products vs Physical Products:

It's tough to choose whether you're going to sell digital products or physical product. However, choose both because you're the boss for your own multivendor ecommerce marketplace platform . In fact, accumulating digital products with physical products can help you to increase your sale.

Charge a Commission

As the owner of a multivendor ecommerce marketplace platform, you’ll generate revenue by charging a sales commission for each order processed by each vendor. Your ecommerce platform need not only allow this, but also you've to make it simple for you to handle payments from a different mode so that your vendors don’t get confused.


In the ecommerce industry, there is some extensive variation while coming to price for a multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace platform, so you'll need to carefully estimate an ecommerce platform price vs. its features & technology when choosing one.

Benefits for the Multivendor Ecommerce Marketplace Platform Owner

The most famous companies like eBay and Amazon has already proven that tremendous profit can be generated by simply hosting vendor sales. These companies don't need to hold stock themselves or handle orders. They simply focus on attracting customers and increasing marketplace brand recognition. An ecommerce marketplace owner can collect commission on every sale from a different vendor and also charge fee for their product listing.

  • Excrete or diminish ordinary sales tasks.
  • The steady focus in marketing.
  • Generate revenue from commission and marketplace product listing fee.

Benefits for the Multivendor Ecommerce Marketplace Platform Vendors

  • Startups vendors or stores no need to depend on a budget or marketing capacity in order to build their own multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace platform because the software can help them to join them as a vendor in the marketplace.
  • Easy to start selling their product on your ecommerce platform with minimum planning and development.
  • Low price when compared to developing your own ecommerce marketplace platform.

Benefits for the Multivendor Ecommerce Marketplace Platform Customers

  • Every customer of a multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace platform has benefited from a different variety of option to display their list of products on a single website which is very useful for the customer to find the highest quality product.
  • Customer also gets an opportunity to compare their selected product with other product on the ecommerce website.
  • Customer can find the best deals, hot products, shipping time details & etc.,


There are a lot of things to examine when beginning to build your dream multivendor ecommerce marketplace website. Deciding your multivendor ecommerce marketplace platform is the first step and also it can be a difficult process. Hopefully, this article gave you insights to choose the right ecommerce platform.

If you need any assistance in building your multivendor ecommerce marketplace website, please get in touch with us .

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