What to Sell Online- 10 Trending and Profitable Niche Ideas (2020)
01 Jul

What to Sell Online- 10 Trending and Profitable Niche Ideas (2020)

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In this digital world, ecommerce is a wide platform to run your business. Without any doubt, it helps you to spread your brand to many regions. We have seen that many small companies are now becoming large-scale industries by using the ecommerce platform.  

Do you want to include in these in company lists? Then you can start your online business now. 

We help you to find the best products or niche that you want to sell. Before discussing the product ideas, you have to remember that some ecommerce stores also faced failures. The reason is that they do not understand the ecommerce business trends clearly. You have to know about the trending products that attract the customers to continue the online store.  

What features make the products so popular? 

See the features here: 

>Recent Trends: 

 Since the world is competitive and offers more to customers, people have a large number of new products to choose every day. But some of the items will get people’s attention. You have to identify the items that are liked by most of the people.  

>Profitable Products: 

If you are thinking about selling some products, analyze the product features. You have to answer the following questions to know whether the product is profitable or not? 

*Is the product useful to your customers? 

*Is it customer friendly? 

*Does the product offer more features? 

*Has the product attained popularity? 


Most of the popular products are not purchased by the customers because of its price. You have to maintain the balance between the products and your price range. Low cost will always draw the customer first. 

Make the decision before choosing the products to sell. 

How to choose the trending products? 

You can select products based on their search volume and competition value. 

**Search volume: It is a number that gives you details about, how many times the customers are searching a particular product using these search terms. 

**Competition Value: Since there are many entrepreneurs in your field, for selling the same product, you have to select the low competition niche to succeed in online store. 

To simplify your task, we provide you the product ideas that are popular and profitable.  

10 Trending and Profitable Niche: 

Choose the best niche that suits your business. 

1. Drones: 

Hardware accessories like camera, smart phones, smart watches, drones are always having the popularity among the people. You can choose this as a niche if you are also interested in hardware and also you should have some basic knowledge about these products. 

Especially drones are trending now. You can also select the drones as your main niche. 

>Search Volume: 301,000 

>SEO Difficulty: 91 

>Popular Search Terms: drones with camera, drone camera, best drones 

--You can use these keywords to rank your ecommerce website on top of search engines. 

2. Skincare Products: 

Skincare is always the most wanted product for girls and women. You can select the niche without hesitation as it is an evergreen product category that drives traffic to your store. Nowadays, the category is also quite popular with boys. If you want to sell something specific, then you can try to go with Korean skincare product niche. 

>Search Volume: 22,200 (For Korean skincare keyword, search volume is 4,400) 

>SEO Difficulty: 55 

> Popular Search Terms: best skincare products, skin moisturizer 

3. Clogs: 

From boys to girls, everyone is interested in clogs. Clogs are the new trends of shoes that draw the attention of more people and now they are in trending list. If you are interested in fashion industry, then choosing clogs as your niche is the best choice. 

>Search Volume: 74,000 

>SEO Difficulty: 83 

> Popular Search Terms: men’s leather clogs, ladies' clogs, crocs clogs 

4. Food Delivery Website: 

Food is the important thing to the world. Since online food delivery is appreciated more by the people, you can use this platform. You have two options. Either you can build food delivery website and can list all the best hotels in nearby locations or you can build website that offers customers to order food. You have to focus on delivering quality food to your customers on time. 

>Search Volume: 1300 

>SEO Difficulty: 38 

>Popular Search Terms: website for food ordering, top food ordering sites. 

>Note: Even though this niche has lower search volume when compared to other products, the traffic to sales conversions is greater in this category. 

If you want to design your food delivery ecommerce website attractive and colorful, you can use this ecommerce theme: Cressida, food based angular ecommerce template. 

5.Bluetooth Speakers: 

Everyone has separate time to get themselves relaxed by listening to good music. Even for some people, music is the main profession. So, remembering these customers, you can select the Bluetooth speakers as your products. 

Even though, it is not trending so much, the stats say that this industry will grow up to $31.8 billion (10%) in 2023. You can have a string customer base from here. 

>Search Volume:2,46,000 

>SEO Difficulty:78 

>Popular Search Terms: wireless speakers, Bluetooth helmet speakers 

6. LED Light: 

Some people are interested in decorating their living places like their homes and offices, with beautiful LED lights. These lightings are always favorite stuffs that bring more customers to your store. You can offer more varieties of LED lights to make your brand unique. 

>Search Volume: 5,50,000 

>SEO Difficulty:78 

>Popular Search Terms: usb led light, led motion light 

7. Sell Pets and Pet Products Online: 

Start selling Pets and its products!  

Yes, pets are the cool niche to choose if you are also a pet lover. Selling pets, particularly dogs, is encouraged by the people. You can sell your pets or you can sell other’s pets in your store by making a deal with the respective pet owners. You have to deliver the healthy pets to your customer. If you are unable to offer pets, you can simply choose pet products as your niche like pet foods, pet clothes, and other pet supplies.  

Even though, the category has low search volume, the traffic conversions will be high. 

>Search Volume: 880 (for pets) and 60,500 (for pet supplies) 

>SEO Difficulty: 43 

>Popular Search Terms: dog food online, buy pets online, sell pets online 

See this guide for reference: How to Sell Pets Online? 

8. Backpacks: 

Online selling requires the main strategy like identifying the right customer base. Since backpacks are needed by everyone, you have to find out the organic customers for your store. Backpacks are used by men, women, and kids. So, you have to choose the particular customer category to increase your chance of sales instead of focusing on wide categories. 

>Search Volume: 6,73,000 

>SEO Difficulty:91 

>Popular Search Terms: personalized backpack, laptop backpack 

9. Smart Watch: 

Smart watches are becoming closer to humans. Like smart phones, watches have also created its space among the users. Since smart watch is a good category with many sub niches like smart watch for kids, sports, fitness, health, etc., you can have more opportunities to bring out your brand popular. 

>Search Volume:2,46,000 

>SEO Difficulty:78 

>Popular Search Terms: sports smartwatch, fitness smartwatch, smartwatch kids 

10. Handmade Products: 

Are you good at making handmade products? Then you can go with this niche. You can also sell your friends’ products in your store on commission basis. Handmade products are still trending and many users are looking for unique designs of the products. Don’t miss this category. 

>Search Volume:320 

>SEO Difficulty:48 

>Popular Search Terms: handmade jewellery, handmade crafts, handmade gifts 

Get the detailed guide on: How to sell handmade products online 

Final Words: 

I hope these 10 profitable niches help you to find out the suitable category for your online business venture. Ecommerce is always the best place for new entrepreneurs to succeed in their online business. Start selling online now. 

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