How to develop an SEO Friendly Ecommerce Website?
29 Jan

How to develop an SEO Friendly Ecommerce Website?

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Ecommerce is becoming a platform for every budding entrepreneur who is interested to do online business. 

The major thing that helps you to get success in the ecommerce business is selling quality products to the right audiences. Also, customer loyalty helps you to attain regular customers and new traffic. 

The first step in creating a successful ecommerce business is all about presenting your products on your online store (i.e.,) your ecommerce website. 

Ecommerce website is the place where all your products are displayed that are chosen by the customers. To improve website quality, SEO is the best way. 


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of building backlinks to your website; also, it helps your website to list in top positions of search results, so you can get more traffic. 

How to develop an SEO-friendly Ecommerce Website? 

Let’s dive into the topic. Creating is an SEO-friendly website is not a tough deal and you can achieve it by implementing the following steps. 

1.Choose SEO-friendly Ecommerce Platform: 

Nowadays, anyone can do ecommerce business with the help of readymade ecommerce platforms. You don’t want to be a programmer to design the store. All the inbuilt ecommerce themes will help you to design the website according to your requirements.  

There are some features to be checked while buying the best ecommerce software. These are: 

> First of all, check whether it is SEO-friendly or not. 

> Support unlimited categories or products 

>Multiple payment gateways 

>Multiple language support if you want to sell outside of your countries 

>Social media integration 

>Analytics tools integration 

>Separate Dashboard for admin, vendor, and customers 

>Report's dashboard 

>Quick Checkout Process 

>Multiple themes options 

For instance, Purchase Commerce is a leading single vendor software and multivendor marketplace platform that provides all these features. Some other features are also present like: 


*Made of latest technology like Angular and Node.js 

*Many colorful themes made of Angular 

*Customer and Order Management feature 

*Product Management Software 

*Able to create deals and offers on the website 

*Adaptable shipping methods, etc., 

You can also try both single vendor and multivendor platform for free. Get your free demo here. 

Overall, choose the strong and best ecommerce platform to build your online business website. 

2. Create Quality and Friendly Website: 

After choosing the platform, start building the website based on your product list.  

Pro tip: Sell one niche product at a time. If you are a beginner, then focus on only one niche without selling all types of products. 

You can refer to niche-based selling guides here: How to sell online? 

Design using themes: Since you bought a platform with theme options, select one of the attractive and simple themes to design the store. 

In Purchase Commerce, you can get plenty of niche-based Angular themes

*Rigel- Pet based Online Store Theme 

*Aurora- Handmade Jewelry Store Theme 

*Ophelia- Outfits Store Theme 

*Callisto- Fashion Based Marketplace Theme 

*Cressida- Food Marketplace Platform Theme, and more that you can customize based on the niche. 

Categorize products: Arranging products in a certain category helps to experience the rich website. It makes the customers easy to find the particular product.  

User- interface: It is an important phase.  A user interface is a place where the customers landed and access your website. So, the design, category, and other features are user-friendly to access, so that the customers cannot move onto the other online store. 

3. Optimization Process: 

Optimizing the website according to the search result is the next task to carry on. 

Fast Loading Site: According to stats, half of the person will navigate to another site if the particular website loads more. Focus on reducing the loading speeding of your website. 

Image and Video Quality: Image and video are also a part of the loading process. If your website contains very high-quality images, then the loading speed will be increased. You need not produce high-quality images, rather you can upload medium-quality product images and videos which reduces loading speed. 

Keyword-based Content: Keywords are the search terms used by your customers to find an online store. If your website content is based on keyword, then it is easy to rank top in search results. Optimize the web content. 

4. On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO Process: 

In general, SEO is of two types like On-page SEO and Off-page SEO. You have to do both processes to make your website successful. 

On-Page SEO: 

As said before, the on-page SEO process is all about creating web content based on the right keywords. Finding the right audience is very important as you have to be sure that you are selling products to appropriate persons. Fix your audience on some basis and concentrate on delivering product details to them. You can decide on some basic basis like: 

>Whether your audience is male or female 

> The age category of the person (whether your customer group is students or elder persons) 

>Whether they belong to a certain region of the world or they belong to any part of the world. 

>Whether they are doing a certain job or any job-based persons can use your products. 

Similarly, you have to draw an audience chart and find out the exact customer group. This audience finding process helps you to move on to the next level of selling products.  

Off-Page SEO: 

Off-page SEO is the process of building backlinks to your website so it increases the chance of ranking in the top position of search results. 

You can build backlinks by doing certain tasks. 

>Writing blog posts and linking to the product page of your website 

>Doing SEO submissions like the article, image, video, infographic submissions on other sites to get backlinks for your website. 

>Doing social media posts based on keywords, etc., are falls under the off-page SEO category. 


If you implement these steps on your website, then it will become SEO-friendly and your store will rank more and it will reach more visitors. 

You can try the Purchase Commerce platform as it provides many customer-friendly features for your online store.

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