Top 5 Qualities to look for in your Mobile Shopping Cart App
05 Aug

Top 5 Qualities to look for in your Mobile Shopping Cart App

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A mobile shopping cart is an application that serves the purpose of shopping on-the-go. It combines the features of an ecommerce website and the functionalities of the mobile phone.  

Here are some statistics that highlight the importance of mobile shopping cart app: 

  • 78% of the users access your store via mobile shopping cart apps than visiting your ecommerce website via a mobile device. They further spend 3 or 4 times longer in your mobile app store

  • The mobile app has the lowest shopping cart abandonment rate of 20%

  • Push notification and click-through can bring the customers back to your mobile app store

Thus, if you want to gain more sales, it’s important to have a mobile shopping cart app for your ecommerce business. Having said that, let’s see how to choose the right mobile shopping cart app and what are the top qualities need to be considered in the selection process. 

5 Qualities of a Mobile Shopping Cart App

1. Ecommerce mobile apps for Android and iOS platforms 

To create an amazing shopping experience for mobile devices, you need to have mobile commerce apps that are built for Android and iOS platforms. 

Native App: A native app is a software application that is developed for use on a particular device or platform. It is an OS that can use specific hardware and software. They provide fast responsive performance because they can be optimized for particular needs. The major problem with a native app is that it needs a multiple code base and additional developers to build and manage code for each device. 

Hybrid App: The hybrid app combines some of the benefits of both native and web apps. They can be built for both Android and iOS platforms. It can access the existing functionality of a mobile device like a camera or memory through APIs. It is easy, fast to construct and doesn’t need separate code to work on multiple platforms. 

Progressive Web Apps (PWA): PWA is a web app that uses the latest technologies to develop an application that is capable of giving the user experience similar to the native app. These apps are deployed to the server directly and can be accessed through URL. Since performance and user experience are major needs of ecommerce, PWA is witnessing huge adoption in recent years for building a mobile commerce solution at low cost. 

2. Mobile Commerce Interface Design 

The user interface is directly linked between the user and your online store. Your mobile shopping cart app must fit into the screen size and provide all the necessary information needed for the user during check out process. 

According to research reports, 38% of people will leave a website if they find the user interface unattractive. 

Easy-to-use interface: The interface design should provide easier navigation for all the pages and pages should be organized on the navigation menu. Easy navigation between pages without any interruption increases the number of people to make checkout. You can improve the user interface by linking ratings and reviews. 

Conversion rate: Enhanced visual appearance with a straightforward checkout process helps in maximizing the conversion rates.  

Statistics reveal that mobile app conversion rates are 3 times higher than the mobile website and 1.5 times than the desktop. 

3. Optimization for sales boost 

What are the ways to boost conversions on your ecommerce mobile app? You need to make use of all the features of mobile devices to provide a better shopping experience for your customers. 

Voice search: Most of the mobile devices support voice-based searching. Voice search improves the user interface with instant display of products. Connecting your mobile commerce app with the voice search enables a wonderful shopping experience for your customers. 

According to statistics, Voice Commerce sales reached $1.8 billion last year. They’re predicted to reach $40 billion by 2022. 

Image search: When people find something interesting, they either want to purchase a similar thing or want to know details about it. Most commonly people like to purchase similar things when they like it. If your mobile app provides the option to buy products through image search, it can boost sales for your business. 

Social media integration: People like to share their experience in social media. They also suggest new things to other peoples if they like the product or experience on the website. Integrating social medial tools on every page of the mobile app store helps easy sharing of the product by the user. 

4. Leveraging inbuilt mobile features 

Mobile shopping cart apps can make use of the built-in features of mobile devices such as camera, GPS and microphones. GPS locates the user exactly which helps to provide accurate delivery of the orders. Also, you can provide live tracking of the order during shipment. 

Microphones and cameras help to increase the quality of voice search and image search. For example, providing an in-built function to take a picture without navigating to the camera application helps improve user experience. 

5. Lowering shopping cart abandonment 

Comparing to the desktop website and mobile site, the cart abandonment rate is low in mobile apps. For mobile apps, the cart abandonment rate is only 20%, whereas, in desktop and mobile site, it is 68% and 97% respectively. 

In the mobile app, shipping and payment information is stored within the app which makes the checkout process fast through one-click. 

Push notifications: Some personalized offers to the customers at regular intervals make more people to purchase through the mobile app. You can also use push notification which helps the customer to purchase during a special offer period. 

Payment methods: Direct checkout without any interruption such as collecting details like credit cards or banking information increases the user trust. If your mobile shopping cart app integrates with in-built payment gateway services like Google Pay, PayPal, Paytm, etc, it reduces the cart abandonment rate.  

Most of the customers abandoned their cart if they find their payment gateway is not secured. Including encryption and tokenization to secure payment details will prevent hackers from getting data on their hand. 

Choosing the right mobile shopping cart app 

Mobile commerce is reshaping the ecommerce industry. Nowadays, people are exploring your brand more through a mobile app, so it is an opportunity for all kind of ecommerce businesses to expand their customer base with mobile shopping cart apps. 

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