4 Quick Tips and Ways to Drive More Ecommerce Store Sales
25 Feb

4 Quick Tips and Ways to Drive More Ecommerce Store Sales

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In the year 2017, the ecommerce industry witnessed around $2.3 trillion in sales. These figures are expected to hit $4.5 trillion in 2021. The more opportunities in the industry, the more the competition gets fierce. Thus, staying ahead of your competitor is the key to ensure your ultimate sales goals.

Although there are hundreds of customer-friendly features, a certain few are more important than the others when it comes to optimizing your conversion ratio.

So, are you wondering how to boost ecommerce sales? In this article, you will learn the four quick actionable tips and ways along with statistics to boost sales on your ecommerce website.

Ecommerce Marketing Strategies

4 Quick Tips to Drive Ecommerce Sales

  1. Continue Shopping 
  2. Mobile-friendly checkout process 
  3. Abandoned Cart 
  4. Exit popup coupon 

1. Give your customers the option to continue shopping 


Did you know? 
“56% of online shoppers tend to leave a website without making any purchase when presented with unexpected cost” 

Adding a simple continue-shopping feature will prompt online shoppers to keep shopping for more products. You can use this feature to prevent your users from checking out prematurely and enhance your overall sales.  

Ecommerce marketing strategies are very easy to incorporate into your checkout process. If the "continue shopping" option is included on your ecommerce website template your buyers might consider purchasing additional products before checking out, this is a proven strategy to increase ecommerce sales.  

2. Mobile-friendly website/platform

Did you know? “Statista states that mobile ecommerce sales in the United States made up 34.5% of the overall sales in 2017.” 

You can no longer exclude mobile users and as the number of mobile users and the percentage of ecommerce sales on mobile platforms are rapidly on the rise. 

If your ecommerce website template is not optimized for mobile devices, you might end up missing a lot of potential sales. As a result, it is imperative that you maintain a mobile responsive with other mobile-friendly elements to better serve the mobile audience. 

3. Recover abandoned carts checkout 

Did you know?  “With an abandonment rate of around 68%, ecommerce businesses around the world are predicted to be losing more than $3 Billion a year.” (Source: Statista) 

For both single vendor and multi-vendor ecommerce platforms, it’s vital to follow-up on customers when they leave your website. An abandoned cart occurs when a customer adds items to their shopping cart and not end up in purchasing them. In order to avoid this, it is recommended to send email reminders to the customers about their abandoned cart items. This process of sending reminder emails will help you to regain customers, thereby, improving your ecommerce sales.  

Also, there are chances that the customer expects to receive an abandoned cart email offer with a discount so that they can save money. So, if you include some offers in your abandoned cart email, the customers will be very happy and they will continue shopping on your website. 

4. Create an exit popup coupon to boost your sale 

An ecommerce market statistic says that the average time spent by online shoppers on an ecommerce website is just 15 seconds. The statistic further states that 35% of the lost visitors could have been saved if they were offered with exit popup coupon. Thus, the report reveals that the exit popup coupon is a strategic method to turn your website visitors into customers as it provides them with discounts.

The exit popup coupon has been receiving a tremendous response in ecommerce business nowadays. Most of the exit intent coupons for the ecommerce website are anywhere between 10-25% off. Whatever the coupon offer you use, make ensure that you still earn enough profit on the product.

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