7 Strategic Marketing Channels for Your Ecommerce Business
05 Apr

7 Strategic Marketing Channels for Your Ecommerce Business

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Once you created your online store, you have to decide how you are going to promote your brand in the target market. For this, developing a marketing strategy is vital for your business, but at the same time, it is equally crucial to figure out which marketing channels bring in more quality visitors to your site.

7 Strategic Ecommerce Marketing Channels

In short, you intend to get more customers for your online store as well as generating more sales. So, let’s break into the 7 best strategic marketing channels that can attract ideal customers to your online store no matter what is your niche market.

1) Ecommerce SEO optimization

Most of the high-quality traffic for your ecommerce site comes from the search engine. This channel connects the customers’ needs with your company’s solution. For example, visitors discover your website when they search for a specific product. 

Therefore, if your online store is well optimized for the relevant search terms, search engines will position your site pages among the top results and visitors will more likely buy products from your store. As such, a considerable investment in search engine optimization like keyword-based backlinks can boost your ecommerce sales. 

Moreover, since SEO has evolved a lot in recent years, it is now a must to follow best practices adhering to strict SEO guidelines rather than boosting website ranking by using dishonest techniques. That being the case, there are tons of useful tools available like SEMrush, Moz, etc., to test your site’s SEO health and track your improvement over time. 

If you want an ecommerce platform that supports your site’s organic growth, you can make use of our Purchase Commerce platform that is built on Angular Universal making your site to be more SEO-friendly.  

2) Ecommerce content marketing

Content marketing is a long-term strategic approach focused on driving relevant traffic to your website. It is also termed as Inbound marketing by HubSpot because it helps to attract and acquire a clearly defined and understood target audience.  

It is the process of creating high-quality content providing valuable information to your audience and engaging with them frequently with the help of different content formats: 

Content marketing has lately become a powerful online marketing strategy for ecommerce business. Hence, fostering an internal culture of content by involving subject matter expertise within your organization can help you to make engaging content even for a niche target audience. 

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3) Ecommerce email marketing  

Email marketing stands out to be the most effective tool to generate more leads if it is used in the right way. Especially, the role of email marketing in inbound strategy has proven to be a successful tactic for ecommerce business.  

In order to get benefit from the email marketing strategy, you have to grow your subscribers’ lists that are interested in your brand. Also, you have to monitor and update your email database with valid email addresses. In this way, you can improve the engagement rate for your email campaigns such as:  

  • New arrivals campaigns (ex: exclusive offers for opening sale) 
  • Promotional email campaigns (ex: Festival sale) 
  • Triggered email campaigns (ex: shopping cart abandonment, out of stock) 
  • Transactional emails (ex: order confirmation, order delivery) 

4) Ecommerce PPC strategy

If you have run an online business previously, it's likely that you've heard of the terms ‘Adwords’ or Google Ads. They are nothing but paid search advertising where you pay for your ecommerce landing pages to appear in the paid advertising sections of relevant search engine results pages. 

The paid search marketing channel gives you more return on investment if it is executed perfectly. It includes all website traffic that arrives from striking paid ads on search engines. It is also referred to as in different terms like search engine marketing (SEM) or pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Behavioral targeting or remarketing is one of the most efficient methods in paid search that brings in relevant visitors back to the website and converts them into leads. The following search engine networks are mostly used for launching a paid search campaign: 

  1. Google Ads 

  2. Bing Ads 

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5) Ecommerce social media marketing 

Social media marketing is getting a lot more media attention day-by-day. That being so, it can be used for gaining free organic or paid advertisements traffic. The social media traffic includes all visitors who come from popular social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and more.  

Each social media network has its own set of audience. Thus, it is imperative to have prior research done before targeting a particular social network for promotional posts. When used correctly, social networks can be invaluable to even small ecommerce businesses. Also, with a business account, you will get access to mighty advertising tools and in-depth analytics.  

6) Ecommerce affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is categorized under performance-based marketing in which you reward one or more affiliates based on the quality of visitors they brought in with their own marketing efforts. It is basically referral marketing with a commission paid for every sale.  

To launch an affiliate program for your online store, there are a lot of popular networks available depending on the target market where you can register yourself as a business.  

7) Ecommerce influencer marketing 

As social media becomes an integrated part of our daily lives, influencer marketing has become a hot topic in recent years. Also, with the fall of traditional outbound marketing, it is becoming one of the fastest-growing marketing channels today. 

Even though influencer marketing was prevailing for a long period, it has now taken a new form in which focus is placed on key individuals who have influence over potential customers to drive your brand's message and offerings to the larger market. 

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The right ecommerce platform for your business

Marketing your online store using the right channel ensures success for your ecommerce business. Further, to maximize return on investment, you can leverage our next-gen ecommerce platform with built-in go-to-market tools to attract, acquire and retain customers from potential markets.