7 Ecommerce Website Tips to Boost Your Traffic to the Next Level (2020 Updated)
16 Jul

7 Ecommerce Website Tips to Boost Your Traffic to the Next Level (2020 Updated)

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Are you running an eCommerce website? Not able to attain enough traffic to your store? 

Then read this article. Here, you can find the practical tips to increase your traffic. 

Let’s dive into the topic. 

7 Ecommerce Website Tips: 

This practical ecommerce guide is suitable for all ecommerce business types like b2c, b2b ecommerce stores, etc. 

1.SEO-Friendly eCommerce Store: 

SEO is the important feature to be considered in all online stores. New visitors will reach your website only through search results. Hence your ecommerce website should be optimized with SEO factors and keywords to rank top in Google or in other search engines. 

To achieve this, optimize the title and description of your ecommerce product with appropriate keywords (or search terms). Use Google’s Keyword Planner for free to identify the popular keywords that have low competition and high search volume. Then modify your content with the filtered keywords. 


>Select low competitive keywords to easily rank top at search results. 

>Before buying or upgrading your eCommerce software, make sure whether it is SEO-friendly or not. For example, Purchase Commerce is a leading and the best ecommerce software which contains SEO features to help you rank better in search result pages. 

>You have to change the title and description of your product as frequently as possible. The search terms can have some changes like competition, popularity, etc. So, update it regularly. 

2. Make Interactive Designs: 

When the customers reach your online store, your design and products will be pointed first. Your website should give the best impression to the visitors to retain them for more time and it should turn visitors into valuable customers.  

Design your online store with attractive eCommerce themes and display the product with quality image. Write the product description in such a manner that it gives a cumulative account of the product thereby catering to the needs of the visitors. It gives a better feel to the visitors to clearly understand the use of that particular product. 

Check out these different themes made up of Angular by Purchase Commerce: 

>Ophelia- For Apparels based eCommerce store 

>Rigel- For Pet themed online store 

>Cressida- For Food Delivery or Food production website 

>Portia- For furniture based online store 

>Many more themes are there to mention. Check out for the designs and update your store with amazing themes. 

3. User- Friendly Website: 

User friendly website is all about optimizing the website performance. One thing to remember is that it is not necessary to upload high quality product images and videos in your online store as it reduces the loading speed of the website. 

According to stats, 75% of website visitors will navigate to other websites if your website loading speed is low.  

Use Pingdom tool to check your website’s loading speed. This tool will give you details about the load time and also give you performance grade. You have to identify the issued and try to fix it as soon as possible. The loading speed should be less than 1s to get the user impressions.  

4. Mobile Optimized Store and Mobile App Development: 

Create mobile app and make mobile optimized online store! 

Ecommerce website is the bridge that connects your customers with your business. But the technology grows. The mobile users are increasing and it is found that mobile users are more than web users. To say in short, the Amazon mobile app is used more when compared to Amazon website in browser. The result is that mobile users are more in number and mobile apps are receiving high traffic than website or web app users. 

If you receive enough traffic and make reasonable sales, it’s time for you to develop mobile app for your ecommerce store. 

MCommerce is the next process to be focused and it should be developed with the latest mobile app technology like updated programming languages and mobile app frameworks. 

Two things are to be done: 

>>Since people are using their mobiles to search online and pc users are decreasing, your eCommerce website should be optimized to display in mobile screen.  

>>Secondly, developing mobile app for your store is highly appreciated. 

Purchase Commerce helps you to develop different types of mobile apps like native app, hybrid app, and PWA (progressive web app) for your eCommerce website. 

5. Customer Engagement: 

Customers are everything to your online business. Retaining old customers is the basic step to gain new visitors. The old customers will help you to drive new people to the store by word of mouth marketing. This means that if the old buyers are satisfied by your customer care, they will recommend your store to many new people, thus you will gain brand reach. So, you have to treat every customer with care. Full-time customer support and satisfaction are to be followed in order to gain customer impressions.  

Collect feedback forms from every customer and upgrade your website according to the customer thoughts. Attach the review forms of the products, so that it is easy for new visitors to gain trust about that particular product.  

6. Social Media Engagement: 

Every online business needs social interactions with the people to spread their brand to all over the regions. 

You can either use organic traffic or paid traffic method to get visitors to your store. But the best tip is, if you are the beginner or running online store for less time, you can gain customers only with organic method. 

The organic way of driving traffic from social media is that platforms are using Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., 

Without making paid promotions, build strong profile on your social media and start engaging your followers. 

For Facebook, quality video can be used. For Instagram, image plays well. For Twitter, well-informative article can be shared in the link. Posting regular images, useful contents and replying your customer queries will increase the social media reach and help to receive organic traffic to your eCommerce website. 

Content Marketing: 

Content also plays an important role. Create articles based on customer queries to increase your blog visitors’ count. 

7. Analytics and Advanced Technology: 

If you complete the above process, you have to concentrate on Analytics dashboard to understand the customer behavior in your store. 

Integrate your eCommerce website with Google Analytics tool and Google Webmasters tool to measure the real-time performance of the audience for your ecommerce site. 

These Analytics tools will give you details about the number of visitors to all of your web pages, customers’ location, their device like mobile or pc, etc. This is the key to find your website issues and you can optimize it according to the analytics data. 

Chatbot Feature: 

Live chat is another feature that you can integrate in your website to chat with the customers and also to identify their problems with your website. You can include chatbot feature so that the automated bot will talk to your customers and provide necessary, basic, and common solutions to your customers. You can then follow the customers as in-person to offer your products. 

Final Words: 

These are the 7 updated practical tips that you can follow to boost your ecommerce website traffic. I hope it helps you to achieve your sales goal. 

As said before, Purchase Commerce is the top most eCommerce software that helps you to develop mobile app, offers SEO friendly feature, and attractive themes to your online store. 

Many other ecommerce features are also included like multiple payment support, multi-lingual support, analytic dashboards, admin and vendor management dashboard to take care all of your ecommerce needs. 

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