Top 12 Innovative Ecommerce Business Ideas in 2020
13 Feb

Top 12 Innovative Ecommerce Business Ideas in 2020

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The internet being the cynosure of the world, everything is digitalized and made easy for the layman to scale greater heights in life. Communication plays a pivotal role in all spheres and one can easily master the same with the help of the internet. It helps to order food, buy a television, share a moment with a friend, send an instant picture and learn something new. It unleashes a greater platform to earn money and enables to start a new business

Ecommerce paves way to reach core skilled people to give fingertip solutions to the users’ doorstep. Whereas, in 2020 and the world has no shortage of innovative business ideas for ecommerce stores. It is also pretty difficult for anyone to decide on which ones are worthwhile and which ones are not?

Ecommerce store has a lot of potential buyers. Rough estimation of more than 1.92 billion people buy things online. It is of paramount importance to run a business or want to start a new ecommerce to find a good source of income.

There is a wide scope of hope for starting an ecommerce business with different aspects like selling goods or services. Nevertheless, the ideas cover most of the categories of an ecommerce business.

If it is your forte to realize all your entrepreneurial dreams to be realized through business ventures, initiating a new ecommerce is an apt one to escalate your financial stature.

There is a wide range of hope for starting your ecommerce in different aspects like Selling Goods or Services. Here are some categories that are of the business ideas that fall under.

You can start Ecommerce business in:

Selling goods: Cater to the everyday necessities of the people: All under one roof - Day-to-Day needs like clothing, food, or equipment etc

Providing services:  To serve everything at the people’s beck and call: taking a photograph, developing web applications, writing articles or advertising

To coach people: Sharing the knowledge / expertise with people through organizing training sessions or webinars on different topics.

Based on the mode of selling and way of selling the ecommerce business types are usually divided into business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), consumer-to-consumer (C2C) or consumer-to-business (C2B)

You may think about why you need to start an ecommerce business. There will be a thousand million dollar question might arise inwardly. There are a lot of advantages in opting for an ecommerce business on the Internet.

For example:

The global range of activity that could be done by the ecommerce business:

You can reach globally since website services are available to all nook and corner of the remote villages. Contracting with associates around the world is also possible.  In online business, global reach is feasible and viable for anyone who is new to the industry.

Freedom of access:

 Internet access is possible from almost any place and it defines a new way of communication and offering the freedom of accessing the information for everyone.

Own boss with your own perspective:

If you intend to exercise your entrepreneurial skills then starting an ecommerce business is the right choice. It gives you space for experimenting your innovative ideas, chances for decision-making, opportunity for implementation of ideas and tasks that are entirely under your control and responsibility.

No team to work with, no necessity to rely on others and to convince the team. You need not create a great community to sell or establish your business instead you can launch and grow the business online. It is easy to mingle with some people, and a few need an individual approach and attention, whereas, in ecommerce business there is direct dealing with individuals. It is purely online based business. 

Minimum start-up costs and low investment:

It is highly cost-effective need not plan on a huge investment of capital amount to establish an office and the members of staff to work in align with the individual perspectives. All you need is a computer, Internet access and an inexhaustible source of knowledge and ideas. Minimum start-up costs and low investment, Easy to maintain, no stipulated working time, innovative ideas and new approaches, flexibility in changing tactics of business.

High Income:

A potentially lucrative market for an ecommerce business is quite evident by a global approach in business. Profit is not fixed in the online business and also the potential of income is very high.

High service level:

If you are looking for the global reach when starting a business with an innovative ecommerce idea will be the most preferred business in the entire world.

Competitive ability to reach new customers:

If you are already running a business in the remote area then you can boost the business by launching your business in online. It will captivate the new customers who exactly need your services or products.


If you want to act independently with limited resources and investment then ecommerce business is an apt one. Even you can start a Profitable ecommerce business with your own idea.

Creating an online store or your website is an excellent opportunity to realize your potential thereby applying all your knowledge and experience in promoting your own business.

How to Build an Online Store?

  • If you have the great ecommerce idea of entering the online business, it is of pivotal importance to have the online store.
  • It is not a herculean task to build an online store rather an easy one with cost effectiveness.
  • You need to just look at the domain name apt for your business, website hosting, and some sorts of ecommerce website developers.
  • You do not need to have any designing and coding skills; you can approach the best ecommerce software to develop your online store and outsource all the essential core skills that are required.
  • Rome was not built in a day but that is not the case with an ecommerce business within minutes you can run the business.
  • Then choose popular website builders. However, they tend to cost a good deal.
  • If you are on the lookout for ecommerce software for building your ecommerce store then analyze plenty of builders. With a view to opting for a suitable technical associate, go through our guide for choosing the best ecommerce builder for your ecommerce store before you kick start.
  • You must look for a cost-effective solution, in contrast to the monthly charged conventional website builders. If your entry into business is new then carry out some groundwork before entering into it. Chisel your own path of success.

How to launch an ecommerce Business? 

This must be a million-dollar question for many of the business startups and businessmen. Some may think it a cumbersome process, to begin with. But really it is not as difficult as you think, if you have done some base for your business and plan accordingly. This will be a cake walk.

You need to create a Checklist before you start to build the store which may help you in reducing the time during the development period and enhance your interest to start immediately.

Get to know what you must do before starting an ecommerce store with our Ecommerce checklist:

If you have ideas then do not waste the time and start your ecommerce store right away. Read our blog to get to know a few steps and instructions on how to start an online Store with great ease and comfort.

If you plan to launch an online project, then you may find some of these 12 useful ecommerce business ideas which are listed below. These ecommerce ideas may help you to win the business race.

Idea 1. Make a smart home with Smart home devices 

Imagine if all devices in the home were connected to the Internet? Clocks, door locks, cameras, alarm, audio systems, thermostats, lights, Electrical systems, etc.

You can access your home item and control them even if you are out of the home or town. It is quite interesting for everyone to control your home through the internet.

smart home devices ecommerce ideas

Think about starting ecommerce business for selling Smart home with control panels of the devices available at home.

Smart home devices are the key components of home automation and smart homes.

Even you can offer instructions on how to handle the process of setting the home with your devices. Once the People are getting used to the practice of handling devices and then they will realize their efficiency in managing the home easily.

Idea 2. Make people work on their Fitness with proper sports nutrition 

Now a day’s people are getting engaged in a healthy and active lifestyle. Fitness freaks are growing large in numbers.

Maintaining a robust health is a challenging one in this changing environment.

 sports nutrition ecommerce business ideas

New age Athletes are looking for the ways and means of increasing muscle mass and burn fat viz. sports nutrition. The main concern of the athletes to accelerate metabolic processes and accelerate muscle growth to stay fit in every competition.

Setting an ecommerce business for offering proper sports nutrition along with various gym accessories and outdoor apparel will be a good idea in 2020.

Idea 3. Innovative accessories for Handheld devices 

Even a day is not possible for the forth coming generation without a mobile phone which has dramatically changed the mode of communication.

Mobile changed the ways of one’s living and it accounts for the ineluctable need for human life other than edible items.

handheld devices ecommerce business ideas

A Mobile doesn't come along in isolation, it includes phone accessories like covers, cases, decor for phones, cables, chargers, screen protectors, headphones, headsets and accessories for iPhone and iPad, styluses and gloves are also in need. People wanted to walk in style and elegance.

Even in car, accessories for phones which help during driving and contrivances for smartphones and tablets, batteries, bags for tablets, etc. are available now to make things convenient.

Now tailor-made products by custom-designed accessories play a major role in gadgets world.

You can offer both custom-made and ready-made phone accessories in align with the current trends.

This Innovative ecommerce idea may change the trend in the mobile world with new accessories to simplify the work. 

Idea 4. Fresh meal delivery

In this rapid pace at which the people are moving, people lack time to eat healthily. Fresh meal delivery to a healthy lifestyle is the need of the hour.

Either in the city or in rural areas, going out to pick your favorite dish is the most difficult thing in this heavy traffic. And more people prefer to buy an item from online for their day to day needs.

Some people's lifestyle is so active that it is much more convenient to order food online.

meal delivery ecommerce business ideas

You have great opportunities to cooperate with a cafe or restaurant in your city that cook and deliver and earn.

Even you can cook yourself and then supply lunch to the employees in offices, government organizations, etc. with the help of parcel services.

Many good foods are always in demand for people who are health conscious.

Some other option along with this is you can do the catering works with banquets, corporate events, and celebrations.

Idea 5. Modify the look of Automobile vehicles with new Auto-parts and accessories 

The number of car sales leaps and bounds every year, this affects not only large cities but also small towns and villages.

Most people love their car to be their identity and consider it to be social status symbol which means they are ready to invest money on it to ensure its functionality and improving its look.

auto parts ecommerce business ideas

Some car owners want to express their individuality using modified car parts and accessories.

You can extend online stores to help these buddies with unique designs on auto -parts, and accessories.

If you're looking for the change then this will be a unique ecommerce business idea that will help you achieve success easily.

Idea 6. Make a new trend with Clothing and accessories business 

The idea of opening an online store is quite popular among the modern people and online stores are famous among fashion-loving peoples.

Always ponder on unique and rare items with impeccable standards, which are not offered widely in other clothing stores have great potential to bring customers and make them fall in love with it regardless of the prices of the commodities.

You can create new fashion trends with your creative ideas in the following forms:

Fashion youth clothing with prints, or design solutions related to current trends.

clothing ecommerce business ideas

Comfort and innovative clothes for kids is one of the leaders in this direction which will suit the climatic conditions of the zones that you sell the products.

Portable Women's dress materials with enormous popularity, especially with goods belong to the average price category.

This will be a great ecommerce business idea in 2020 where fashion dominates the world with new trends.

Idea 7. New Jewelry and accessories business 

For anyone, Jewellery is a daily accessory, especially for those who are adept in Color mixing experts, interior designers, and fashionistas. In recent times, you can witness the new fashion accessories like chains, brooches, bracelets, and similar trinkets that change the fashion world.

jewelry ecommerce business ideas

Jewelry and accessories can be sold online. You can sell the product online like handmade jewelry from the designers-beginners, unique accessories, and vintage items.

There is also an option like renting out your expensive jewelry for special occasions. With these ecommerce business ideas, one can boost one’s morale for the success of the company.

Idea 8. Enhance the life with Health Beauty Product 

Enhance the life with Health Beauty Products. Underline your presence wherever you move.

The world revolves around perfumery, toiletries and cosmetic items in the fashion industry. Have you seen most of the stores sell the perfumery and cosmetics as one of the most profitable types of business?

beauty products ecommerce business ideas

But you may not be surprised, as we all do care about our health and beauty, and in recent years the awareness has grown large and wide.  

As an entrepreneur with organizational skills and business experience in cosmetics, you can become successful in this realm also.

May this ecommerce idea can create a healthy habit for people who need to maintain their health.

Idea 9. Deliver a knowledgeable E-book for enthusiastic readers 

Deliver a knowledgeable E-book for enthusiastic readers. Who loves to indulge in reading books

Books are the best friend and one think that it can guide as when we fail in achieving something.

Online changed the way of reading books, it is not important to buy a book from a limited book store. You can explore the world of wide range and huge collection of books online.

It is not important to buy books in a printed copy; you can also read a book with the help of the internet online. Now the readers are engrossed by the voice of the books that narrate a story or idea interestingly.

Always great ecommerce ideas will change the environment and society.

Either you can write your own book or get copyrights to sell books on online

You may love this ecommerce business idea if you have the habit of reading or writing books to describe your nature to the world.

Idea 10. Give the taste of origin with Organic food product 

Give the taste of origin with Organic food product. Garden fresh vegetables will always drive the attention of health conscious people.

We are lacking proper nutrition and a healthy body, without which today's happy existence is almost impossible. In this new era, we need to concentrate on the health and diet plan.

Organic food ensures that we live every day to become healthier, younger, more beautiful and stronger.

organic food products ecommerce business ideas

Prepare food according to new nutrition systems and observance of diet charts and physical exercises make our life better and more comfortable which is necessary for most people.

One of such systems is gluten-free nutrition.

Organic food is recommended to the people who desire healthy and happy life.

Idea 11. Treat the babies with interesting Baby Clothes and Toys 

Treat the babies with interesting Baby Clothes and Toys which will be soft not to hurt the babies.

Whether you are making or selling apparel for young kids, be ready to innovate and find out what makes parents happy.

Baby products from clothing to toys and skincare to medical products have huge demand around the world. Parents are ready to buy products despite higher cost all they need is comfort for the babies.

If you can include your innovate ideas in clothing fashion which is safe for babies then you can rule the roost of the textile world. Many parents look for innovative products for their babies which not only concerns fashion but also improve the baby's intelligence.

Idea 12. Sell homemade products Who Loves have healthy and budget-friendly items 

Sell homemade products to those who loves to have healthy and budget-friendly items

Some may have the potential to start new business but they may not be sure about it. For those, this online ecommerce idea will help to explore their dream.

You can sell anything that is made by you at home from food to toy, even health care items like face creams, shampoos, edible oils, etc....

Here are some items that can be made at home:

Handmade Toy:

If you are parents then you know why people are falling in love with it. The simple factor is that they want to make sure the toys with which their kids play with are safe and made locally.

Handmade Pet Products:

When it comes to our lovable pets, it is our duty to ensure that the pets get the most healthy and comfortable items. So, you can make a selection of products meant for pets, like cat toys or dog bandanas.

Handmade Clothing:

They are also in a great demand for fashion cloth that is made at home with special care especially for function and important ceramics. People can Instead of sourcing clothing from other retailers; you can actually design and sew your own clothing and accessories to sell.

Handmade Food:

If you are in a metropolitan city then you can take advantage of this by fulfilling the hungry with healthy homemade food. Most people love to eat homemade food to balance their health in their busy working hours.

Conclusive Ideas

A lot of ecommerce business ideas exist in the world today to start your own business you can come up with your own product or services.

Some are worth pursuing for you to go ahead and others are not meant for you to go with it.

It is up to you to research and find out which ones to try and which ones will best suit you, especially in 2020.

As you can see, you can sell almost anything, from health and beauty products to toys and games for children.

If you have an idea of starting an ecommerce store then share with us to get correct guidance along with an efficient Online Store. Help, develop and maintain the ecommerce store for either a single vendor or multi-vendor-based platform.