2020’s Which Technology Is Best For Ecommerce Website?
04 Dec

2020’s Which Technology Is Best For Ecommerce Website?

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Technology is a growing and promising medium, which is going to rule the future world. Nowadays all people are adapting to the digital world and everyone uses technology in their daily lives. 

As per stats, 40% of the world population is founded on the internet and 8 billion devices are linked to the internet.  

Thus, if you are a business entrepreneur or going to start a new business, online mode is the best space when compared to the offline medium. 

Online Ecommerce Business

Online businesses are many to start, among that ecommerce is the first and best choice as all people use the ecommerce app to fulfill their necessities. 

Ecommerce is the most famous online business gaining millions of people all over the world. Hence, ecommerce helps you to become successful in your business. 

For starting the ecommerce business, technology if the crucial part to consider as the technology will speak more to the customers. All the features are revolved around the technology.  

What is technology in Ecommerce and Why it is important for Ebusiness? 

In ecommerce, the technology is referred to as the programming languages that are used to develop the ecommerce platform. You can see many programming technologies in online that are emerging out seasonally, in that you have to choose the best technology for ecommerce website. 

We will discuss the different programming technologies after in detail. 

Importance of Programming technologies

1. In general, the four “ities” will be part of technology. These combinations will vary according to the technology. The best technology will provide all these four proper combinations in your ecommerce platform. The four “ities” are: 

Security- All the data and information should be more secure; it helps to retain loyalty to your customers. 

Flexibility- Your platform should be flexible enough to customize the things on the website. 

Reliability- Reliable elements are popular between the buyers, hence reliability in business is more important. 

Scalability- Quantity as well as quality, both should be maintained equally to become scalable ecommerce website between the customers. 

2. Database: Database is the heart of the technology platform, where all of the main data are stored. 

The Primary database will collect the details from the customers and responsible for the data that are shown on UI. The Secondary database will act as a backup for saving the primary data. 

Hence the security and database are the main reason for focusing on technology. 

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Best Programming Technologies for Building Ecommerce Website

Here I will list out six important languages and frameworks which will be the best technology for the ecommerce website.  

Let’s start the discussion. 

  • Java 
  • JavaScript 
  • PHP 
  • Python 
  • Ruby 
  • MEAN


Java is a famous programming language based on classes and objects. You can able to develop full-fledged applications using Java to run on computers.  

Java is one of the best choices to build an ecommerce website, as it is robust and flexible, you may modify the designs according to your wish. It also contains effective tools that help you to be more productive. 

E.g.: Shopizer is the best example for the ecommerce website which is developed using Java. 


JavaScript is also a famous programming language, which is unlike Java, runs only on browsers. It contains coding and texts; it is useful to develop ecommerce websites as it is easily embedded in the code in HTML. 

Both front-end and back-end development will be supported in JavaScript. 

3. PHP

PHP is another most used language which is abbreviated as Hypertext Preprocessor. PHP is mainly meant for website development. 

PHP is one of the best choices for developing an ecommerce website. It is highly functional and enhanced with various features to develop the applications. 

Magento is developed by PHP. You can have many frameworks for PHP. But Laravel will be the best framework to use along with PHP to develop the best websites. 


Next to PHP, Python is also more useful for developing web applications. It is also a popular programming language that has more loyalty with their users. 

Python is also a wonderful option to develop an ecommerce website. It is efficient and flexible to make the best applications. 

We all are familiar with social media sites like Facebook and Instagram which is developed using Python. The best framework available for Python is Django. Both Python and Django together provide the best functionalities to Facebook and Instagram. 


Ruby is a high-level language technology that is useful to build web applications. Rails is a framework build using Ruby. Hence Ruby on Rails will be the best choice when you build an ecommerce website with heavy traffic. 

Even though its performance is not as good as the above all technologies, it is highly helpful to customize your store. 


MEAN is all about MongoDB, Express.JS, Angular JS, and Node.JS. 

This MEAN stack (a group of all framework technologies) is widely helpful in developing ecommerce websites. MEAN stack is especially used for dynamic web application creations. 

Here comes the latest technology Angular and Node.JS. 

Angular is the growing and ongoing framework for creating dynamic web applications. On the other hand, Node.js is also a data-intensive and lightweight platform to develop network applications. Both will be the best choice to develop an ecommerce website for all the upcoming features on the platform. 

Also, take an insight into Angular and NodeJS Technology Stack in ecommerce

Benefits of Angular

  • Easy to maintain 
  • Readable and understandable 
  • Reusable is available 
  • Better Code Consistency 

Benefits of Node.JS

  • Easy learning and coding 
  • Used for a single programming language 
  • High Scalability 
  • Helps request Handling 

Thus, Angular and Node.JS technology will the most appropriate technology to choose to build world-class ecommerce websites. 

For instance, Purchase Commerce is the leading ecommerce platform which is developed on next-gen technologies like Angular and Node.js.  Also, Purchase Commerce provides Angular based ecommerce themes to create a colorful and beautiful online store to delight your customers. 

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Let’s make it more interesting... 

Headless Commerce

Do you hear about Headless Commerce? 

In traditional, ecommerce comprises of both front-end and back-end development.  Both front-end and back-end will together help you in developing a good ecommerce website. 

But the opposite applies to headless commerce. As the name reveals, it doesn’t need the front-end part. Just with the help of the back-end tool part, it provides the best ecommerce features to the customers. It gives regular updates without affecting the back-end system. 

In nutshell, a backend CMS (Content Management System) is derived as headless commerce. Headless Commerce is a growing technology and you can also use this technology in your ecommerce platform. It is very flexible and useful to improve your ecommerce business sales. 

To know how the Headless Commerce exactly works, read here: Headless Commerce 

As to say, Purchase Commerce, the best platform for creating the ecommerce website, also supports this Headless commerce technology to help your customers to fulfill your requirements. 

Benefits of using technology in e-commerce: 

  • Technology is thus useful to upgrade the new features on the ecommerce website. 
  • Security will be high as best as the technology is used. 

Upcoming Trends of Ecommerce Website: 

You have to know the upcoming trends in ecommerce so that it is helpful for you to develop the website based on the latest features. 

  1. Voice Commerce

After the successful emission of ecommerce, where the products are searched by the customers in words, the technology to upgrade is Voice Commerce where the products are searched by pronouncing it to the website.  

The concept of ecommerce is shopping online anytime and to save time. By using this voice commerce technology, it will save time even more and makes the customer more attached to the ecommerce store. 

  1. AI (Artificial Intelligence) 

Everything is personalized using the machine and also the ecommerce website. The AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology is quite useful to understand the customer’s behavior by instant automated technique. 

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots are the part of AI, where the website bots replied to the customer’s messages and feedbacks automatically and also helps to communicate with the customers in a natural way like a human. Some other amazing technologies that are going to be introduced in an ecommerce website, which is available here: Top Emerging Trends in ecommerce 

Which platform is best for Creating Ecommerce Website? 

Purchase Commerce is the next-gen Angular and Node technology that is available for you at a one-time payment with a lifetime license. It also has headless commerce technology. To get the all-in-one ecommerce platform for your ecommerce business, then Purchase Commerce is the best choice for you.  

You can start a friendly conversation over here: Let’s Communicate, to solve your queries or to buy the best ecommerce marketplace platform. 


As to conclude, I hope this above information about ecommerce techniques will be helpful for you to choose the best technology for the ecommerce website. Technology is mandatory and you should use the appropriate one for your website application.  

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Are you ready to upgrade your ecommerce website?