Top 16 Examples of B2B Ecommerce Companies
06 Feb

Top 16 Examples of B2B Ecommerce Companies

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Ecommerce is an amazing platform to develop your business worldwide. In 2021, ecommerce is expected to reach $4.5trillion sales which shows how popular ecommerce among the people.

The ecommerce store is getting many customers over physical stores only by having the main advantage, that is, people can purchase goods and services at any time and anywhere easily without issues. This customer satisfaction leads to the success of the ecommerce business. Hence many ecommerce website development companies are helping their clients by building user-friendly online store. 

We can classify the ecommerce business based on how we are selling the product to customers. Ecommerce business sells their products through one of the following four business models such as B2B, B2C, C2B, C2C. These are traditional ecommerce business types. 

B2C( Business to Consumer):

The company or business sells products or services directly to the customers. E.g.: Amazon where the vendors sell their products to the customers.

C2B(Consumer to Business):

The business transaction which takes place between consumer and business (i.,e) the customer offers products or services to the businesses. The example includes when the customer provides product reviews or comments or if he/she becomes an influencers of that business.

C2C(Consumer To Consumer):

Here the business transaction will play between two or more customers. A good example of C2C is classified advertisements where the customer sells products or services to other customers online.

B2B( Business to Business):

It is the first ecommerce business type where the ecommerce transactions happen between two businesses that are too online. 

In simple, one company will sell products or services to other companies. (i.e.,) wholesale distributors will sell products or services to retailers. It will sound like B2C, but B2B is different from the B2C process.

In the B2B business, the order and purchase process are to be clear. One company has to purchase every small thing from another company to complete its full business set up. Normally this field includes the selling of goods that are not used by customers. For instance, steel, company software, company’s hardware accessories, etc.,

Some interesting stats about the B2B business:

  • 50% of B2B businesses are done through mobile phones and here in 2020, it will increase up to 70%.

  • 46% of B2B buyers are millennial's.

  • In 2020, B2B ecommerce sales are expected to grow more than B2C ecommerce sales.

This information shows how B2B businesses are popular. Let’s jump into B2B eCommerce examples.

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16 Examples of B2B ecommerce:

The following companies are referred to as one of the best B2B examples to get inspired. Learn the different businesses and gather an idea to start your ecommerce company.

1. Amazon

Founded on: 1994 by Jeff Bezos

Headquarters: Washington, US

Similar to Alibaba, Amazon is a memorable brand among people in various countries. Besides B2C ecommerce, Amazon plays a major role in B2B ecommerce businesses as in the name of Amazon Business

Stats says that Amazon reached $10 billion in 2018 sales and this took only four years to achieve this success. This company is also landed on ecommerce, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, and digital streaming.

The success of the Amazon is by providing better user experience and complete customer support with winning actions. Amazon is becoming the B2B model for new entrepreneurs.

2. Alibaba

Founded on: 4th April 1999 by Jack Ma

No introduction is needed, Alibaba aka Alibaba Group is the famous multinational B2B eCommerce company in Hangzhou, China. This company includes core commerce, digital media, entertainment, and cloud computing. Their business brand is having different verticals like Taobao, TMall, Alimama, 1688, Alibaba Cloud, 

By launching a small website for small Chinese manufactures, exporters for international selling, Alibaba is now grown into a leading ecommerce and mobile commerce industry globally.

Alibaba is always an evergreen example for the B2B ecommerce business as it faces many ups and downs before achieving a standard position in these B2B businesses.

3. General Electric

Founded in 1982 by a group of founders named Thomas Edison, J P Morgan, Charles A. Coffin, Edwin J Houston, and Elihu Thomson

General Electric or GE is also a famous B2B conglomerate ecommerce company in New York having headquarters in Boston, US. 

The company includes different industry verticals like finance, lighting, aviation, health care, renewable energy, and digital industry. The interesting fact about GE is Irving Langmuir and Ivar Giaever, the two GE employees were awarded the Noble Prize.

Popular for an electrical and electronic equipment supplier, this GE is also a good example of B2B businesses next to Alibaba.

4. IndiaMart

Founded on: 1999 by Dinesh Agarwal and Brijesh Agrawal

IndiaMart InterMESH Ltd is one of the leading B2B ecommerce companies in Noida, India. Working with a mission of “to make doing business, easy”, IndiaMart connects buyers and sellers with their high-quality B2B products like Apparels, Industry Machinery, electrical & electronics, etc., 

India Mart is connected with 47lakh suppliers with its smart marketing strategies. At digital summit & awards, IndiaMart also awarded with ‘best online classified website’ in 2018.

5. AutoGlobalTrade

Founded on: 2001 

AutoGlobalTrade aka AG is one of the multinational B2B companies in Switzerland that landed on the automobile trading field. The company will export and import quality vehicles to 90 countries globally. They are the leading trader of Ford, Chevrolet, Lincoln, GMC in three major continents like America, Europe, and Asia.

Since the sales team is the bridge between this company and their targeted clients, this company has a team that will communicate with 20 different languages; this is also an advantage to gain traffic from worldwide and to understand their customers easily.

6. eWorldTrade

Founded on: 2006 

eWorldTrade is one of the largest B2B companies in the US, named for the electronic marketplace. It has worldwide manufacturers, clients, and suppliers with quality services. 

As an ISO certified company, eWorldTrade appreciated for their customer satisfaction. The products are minerals, machinery, plastics, home appliances, etc. 

Their goal is to encourage their traders to handle free trade without limitations and also aimed to increase the GDP of each trader’s country. This goal will help their team to achieve step by step success in this B2B business.


Founded on: 1956 by Jack Miller

Headquarters: Illinois, US

Quill is a B2B ecommerce company with office supply products. By targeting the right customers, Quill provides office supply products to small and medium scale businesses. The products include Paper, Ink toner, furniture, breakroom supplies, etc. 

Since the team is focusing on a niche, they reach the customers easily. They run an effective email marketing campaign by providing exclusive deals and coupons. Since customers are everything to the business, they provide customer support and also make the new customers subscribe to their business to increase sales.


Founded on: 1927 by William Wallace Grainger

Location: Illinois, US

As a traditional B2B company, Grainger plays a major role in today’s B2B ecommerce industry.

The main reason for the popularity among so many years is customer satisfaction. Grainger is remembering the customers and enhance its website based on user requirements. An interesting feature in this Grainger is you can shop easily as a guest without involving in a login process. 

Another thing is that the search filter is optimized widely to find the depth product quickly. Hence, providing the best user experience helps Grainger to stay stable in this B2B ecommerce business.

9. Trade India

Founded on: 1996 by Bikky Khosla

Trade India is a B2B ecommerce portal where small B2B businesses in India enrolled their companies in this portal to get recognized by their targeted clients.

This business is different from the other businesses (mentioned here) as it is not selling B2B products but provides a platform for small B2B companies to sell their products. Hence this is also one of the best business ideas to get involved in the B2B industry as a B2B portal provider.

10. Kekselias

Founded on: 2015 by Victor Xing

Location: Los Angeles, CA

The name Kekselias has a meaning of finish expression of creativity and it is one of the top B2B ecommerce companies focusing on the financial field. As the name sounds, the Kekselias team designed their website with an appealing UI/UX design. 

Without making a boring financial site, the interactive web page of this company helps its customers to do their tasks easily on the website. This is famous for providing quality financial services like interest rates, investment research, monetary policy analysis, etc., based on the finance niche to their B2B traders. 

11. Walmart

Founded on: 31 October 1962 by Sam Walton

Located in the US, Walmart is one of the multinational retail corporations ruling this ecommerce industry. The Walmart branch in the USA and UK is completely based on the B2C process. However, Walmart India is based on the B2B process as it sells its products only to traders.

According to statistics in 2019, Walmart is the world's largest company by revenue. Walmart India, a B2B website, landed on many states in India and any vendors can easily sell their products on Walmart’s B2C marketplaces.

12. Curbell Plastics

Founded on: 1942 by brothers Edmond and Leonard Leone

Curbell is a company with subsidiaries of Curbell plastics and Curbell medical products. As the name signifies, Curbell Plastics is a B2B company in New York providing plastic products to its targeted clients. 

It is becoming a popular supplier of plastic sheets, rods, tubes, and many other plastic related products. Their success is also achieved by providing better customer experience with its business website. 

The site is also accessed on mobile without issues. By offering the products based on understanding the user needs, the Curbell plastics are playing a popular part in the B2B field.

13. Mckesson

Founded on: 1833 by three members like John Mckesson, Charles Olcott, and Franz Ludwig Gehe

In the US, Mckesson is a pharmaceutical-based B2B company providing medical products to retailers and traders. 

Their educational blog will help its clients to better understand this field clearly. In 2017, Allscripts, a global healthcare technology leader announced that they acquire Mckesson for $185 million. This shows the popularity of Mckesson as they supplied quality medical products to its clients.

14. V-Belt Guys

Founded on: 2008

V-Belt Guys is a B2B company in South Dakota, US, providing one product with different applications. In general, the niche-based companies will reach the customer quickly as they concentrate on one field. 

That is why V belt is appreciated by its clients for their quality belt services. With different purposes of a belt, the customers will purchase based on their requirements and this company gains profit by making interactive search filter sites.

15. Ferguson

Founded on: 1953 by Charles Ferguson

Ferguson is one of the largest B2B companies providing plumbing and building products to its clients. Headquartered in Virginia, US, Ferguson believes in content marketing. 

Hence the company provides clear information about their business to its buyers like product description, useful images, etc. This content creation along with quality plumbing products helps Ferguson to become a part of the famous B2B companies list.

16. Fire Rock

Founded on: 2004 by Jeff Stevens

Located in Alabama, US, Fire rock is also one of the famous B2B companies providing building materials of the home to their clients. With high-quality materials like wood flooring, cedar roofing, etc., and images displayed on the website; it drives the targeted customers easily. 

Their one of the main sources of traffic is from Pinterest, where the team provides useful images. Also, to make the customer’s task easier, Fire Rock offers a blog where their businesses are explained clearly. 

Summing Up:

B2B businesses are great to run in this online industry as it gains more profit. I hope these 16 companies will help you in some way to start your own business. If you run a business with hard work and smart work, you can achieve traffic successfully. 

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