Best All in One Ecommerce Platform for Successful Business
05 Dec

Best All in One Ecommerce Platform for Successful Business

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The digital world is a mighty medium where you can have vast opportunities to become a successful entrepreneur. 

You can find multiple online businesses, in that, ecommerce proved to be the most popular business as it generates more profit and also generates more customers from all over the world. Hence, ecommerce will be the best choice for running a successful business. 

Purchase Commerce helps you here to build your Business flourishingly as it provides the best online ecommerce solutions. We will discuss the reasons below in detail. 

Let’s start from scratch. 

What Are The Two Main Steps in Starting The Ecommerce Business? 

Here are the important steps to be done to develop a wonderful ecommerce business: 

  1. Buying the ecommerce platform 
  2. Selecting a Niche 

Buying The Ecommerce Platform 

Purchasing the best ecommerce platform is the first process in starting an ecommerce business.  

Purchase Commerce is the best all in one ecommerce platform available for you at an affordable price. Purchase Commerce is developed on Angular and Node technology; thus, it helps you by providing all the latest and next-gen features to enrich your platform. 

Purchase Commerce provides two ways of developing your ecommerce business: a single vendor shopping cart software and a multivendor marketplace platform. 

Single Vendor Shopping Cart Software

You can buy this software and become the admin for your ecommerce business. Also, you are the seller on this platform and you can sell products or offer services directly to the customers.  

Finally, you can earn money by completing each shopping transaction either in online or offline mode. You want to promote your website to get more customers. In short, it is similar to physical store activities that are going to be implemented online as an ecommerce website. 

Multivendor Marketplace Platform

You can buy this Multivendor platform and become an admin. Here, it is not a one-to-one communication. Here, you want to invite multiple vendors to your platform and allow them to sell their goods to the customers. 

You can earn money whenever the vendors completed each transaction and also you can earn whenever the vendors register their business in your platform. As an admin, you can promote your platform with one brand name to generate traffic.

E.g.: Amazon, multiple vendors register their shop in Amazon to get more customers and the Admin of Amazon will earn money during the transactions. But the shopping is done under one name, Amazon. Likewise, you have to create a name for your platform. 

Multivendor marketplace platform is the most popular way to reach customers easily and generate high revenue. So, you can buy the Purchase Commerce software according to your requirements. 

multi vendor marketplace platform

Selecting Niche

Niche is a crucial part to look after buying the platform. A niche refers to the products and services that you are offering to your customers. In general, you can have three options to decide your niche. Choose based on your interest. 

1. Multiple Products 

You can sell various products to the customers. For instance, on Amazon, you can buy multiple products from A to Z. Similarly, you can choose multiple products to sell on your platform. 

2. A Single Niche

Niche is important and you can also sell products that belong to one category like Fashion, Cosmetics, Books, Outfits, Gadgets, etc.,

For example, Myntra is an Indian online shopping platform named for fashion products. Similarly, you can go with one niche or combination of two niches like Outfits and Cosmetics. 

3. Services

Other than products, you can also provide services to the customers by developing service-based ecommerce websites.

For example, Fiverr is a service-based ecommerce website providing various freelancing services to the customers. 

Since Purchase Commerce is the all in one ecommerce suite, it supports all types of niches for your business. Thus, you can buy and develop the online store platform with the help of it. 

Why Purchase Commerce? 

Purchase Commerce provides the best all in one ecommerce solution for you in the form of features. The awesome features that are available from this all in one ecommerce software are listed below: 

1. Interactive Dashboard

The dashboard is the interactive UI which should be a clear, simple and understandable part for every website. When customers searched for a particular product, normally a good dashboard will showcase the product category with all precise and required details.  

Purchase Commerce helps you by developing a good and data-intensive dashboard with all the details required for customers. Also, it provides a communicative Admin dashboard which will provide various information like the number of sales, visitors, conversion rate, sales, and products, etc., 

2. Product Management

The needed feature in every online store is product category. The category will help customers to quickly locate the wanted items. Purchase Commerce helps you to organize your platform in a particular category. Also, the category management will aid you to know about the stock details. 

3. Order Management Software

Whenever the customer makes an order and completed purchasing, the order details, order value, and order status will be shown to you in the order management section with the help of Purchase Commerce software. 

4. Customer Reports

Purchase Commerce, the best all in one ecommerce software, lift your ecommerce business to the next high level by providing an accurate Analytics report. 

It helps you to integrate your website with Google Analytics where you will get customers details like their location, their devices (like a mobile, desktop, tablet), their browser type, keywords (Search terms) which will be handy when you optimize your website based on the customer requirements. 

Also, Purchase Commerce provides you with strategy reports that will give information about your visitors, orders, sales, and revenue report in clear and detail to understand. 

5. Review Forms

You can also have review reports from the customers so that it will helpful for increasing your store performance. 

6. Colorful and Attractive themes 

Purchase Commerce, all in one ecommerce suite gives you colorful angular ecommerce themes so that you can design the store according to your wish.

The themes will include all niche category and you can customize the platform based on your wish. As you see in the site by using the above link, you will find various amazing Angular templates for fashion, food, cosmetics, outfits, jeweler, pet animals, etc., 

7. Social Media Support

Once the store is developed, you will start doing your brand promotion activities. Thus, in the Purchase Commerce platform, you can link all your social media links and you can post your images, videos, and ads in the social media sites to indulge your audience. 

This social media marketing will help you turn your visitors into organic customers. 

8. Perfect Shipping and Checkout Support

You can experience more flexibility in Purchase Commerce, all in one ecommerce software. The Shipping details are clear and updated on time and the payment process page is adaptable to any device screen, thus an optimized website can be accessed on mobile also.

The checkout process is also made simple and quick here, as the motive of online shopping is purchasing online anytime and saving time. 

9. Multilingual 

Since online, you can spread your business to different regions where you find different language people. Buy the Purchase Commerce marketplace platform, so that you can modify the website based on multiple languages and the payment page also supports multiple currency options to make the customers’ payment process as simple. 

10. SEO Friendly

Finally, additional to marketing, Purchase Commerce is an SEO friendly ecommerce software, thus you can rank your brand website high in all the search engines. 

When you handle SEO activity, it will be easy to proceed without any struggles. 

These are the reasons, why you want to buy the Purchase Commerce platform for your successful online ecommerce business. 

You can look at the more features in detail here: Features of customized all in one ecommerce software. 

Additional Wow Features of Purchase Commerce 

Mobile App Development 

Mobile users are more when compared to desktop users. Hence you have to optimize your ecommerce website screen that supports all forms of devices. 

Don’t need to worry. 

Purchase Commerce, all in one ecommerce platform always provides the best online ecommerce solutions; in that way, this platform helps you to develop mCommerce applications that will fulfill your mobile using customers. 

Creating a mobile app is not necessary for beginners, as it will cost much, but for next-level improvement from the website, developing a mobile app for ecommerce is necessary to attain more targeted customers. 

Ecommerce Website Pricing

The price of this all in one ecommerce suite will depend on your requirements. Based on your necessities and features, the price will modify. But you can see an insight into pricing here: Pricing of ecommerce Platform-Purchase Commerce. 

Bonus Tips to Get Succeeded in E-Marketplace Business

  • Choosing the brand name for the platform is to be careful, as it will become your identity. It should be clear, short, simple and pronounceable. 
  • You can choose vendors by giving ads on social sites, and from local listing websites. 
  • As an admin, you have to take care of all activities like marketing, branding, content creation, shipping, and payment details. 
  • Update the features and performance of the website regularly to retain the loyalty of the customers to your store. 

To imbibe efficient marketing strategies and other ecommerce business tips, you can jump here: Best online ecommerce solutions and tips - start to learn now. 

To Wind Up

You can have many competitors to compete in today’s world. Start progressing your business now, to become the best and successful entrepreneur in the future.   

Purchase Commerce is the best all in one ecommerce platform to buy as it solves all your queries by giving useful online ecommerce solutions. You can make a friendly conversation here: Contact Now, to get details and to buy the platform at an affordable price. 

Are you decided to start an ecommerce Marketplace Business? 

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