10 Ecommerce Business Examples to Stay Inspired and Motivated
23 Aug

10 Ecommerce Business Examples to Stay Inspired and Motivated

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If you think ecommerce is an easy and fast way to sell your things, probably you’re not yet into this business. 

As per industry analysis, ecommerce business is one of the most competitive field currently. However, this is the trending business which provides a lot of opportunities with few obstacles.

When you think of starting the ecommerce business, understanding the business aspect is the major challenge you may face. You may want to be unique but hesitate to be one due to fear.

Another problem here is how and where to learn these aspects. One solution is learning from businesses who have already carved out their niche in this space.

By analysing their tactics and business model, you can formulate unique ideas and develop a strategy to succeed in your ecommerce business.

10 Ecommerce Business Examples 

To stay on course in your ecommerce business, you need some inspiration from others who have succeeded in this realm. In this article, let's discuss 10 different ecommerce businesses, each with a different product niche and business model.

Mumzworld - Online Baby products store  

Mumzworld is the biggest online baby shop in the Middle East. The ecommerce store wants to be different in its product niche and they chose to sell baby products. 

They understood that customers not only need products for babies but also for their mother to take care of the babies. Thus, the store sells everything needed for its target customers. 

Started 12 years ago, Mumzworld not just focuses on the design of its storefront. Instead, they focus more on providing better user experience, page navigation, up-to-date inventory and great service across every customer touchpoint. 

To build customer loyalty, Mumzworld established a supportive community which consists of their target customers. With the help of this network, Spartoo invites passionate mothers to share their experience, thus, promoting their unique brand to a larger audience. 

Spartoo - The fashion ecommerce marketplace 

Spartoo is one of the leading ecommerce stores based in the UK, USA, Europe and Central Asia that sells ‎shoes, clothing, bags and accessories. In their initial years, they started by selling shoes and now they are selling all fashion items for men, women and children. 

What Spartoo did is, they started from smaller things to reach greater heights. They also understood that delivering quality products is the way to increase customers. As such, the online fashion store now delivers high-quality fashion products and expanded its business to all over the world. 

Engaging customers with brand new products are most important in the fashion world. In line with this trend, Spartoo offers new fashion products weekly or even daily. They impress the customer with a fast loading page and a 360-degree view of the product. Their perfect photography of the product and intuitive interface make their website best for shopping. Spartoo provides free delivery and returns which build trust among customers. 

Goat - The online sneakers marketplace

GOAT is an ecommerce marketplace for both buying and selling sneakers. They only focused on one thing that is sneakers. Most of the ecommerce website fails in organizing the product in terms of design but GOAT has a well-categorized product section on their website. 

GOAT has incorporated a simple look and feel for their store. They impress the user in the way of presenting the products and its details. They also build a story around the sneakers along with naming their products differently, so that it makes interesting for the visitors. 

GOAT App is also the biggest reselling platform on the Internet. The selling process, as well as the payment, are quick and easy. It’s all done through your smartphone, so the only thing you need to do is shipping the sneaker. Once you’re verified, you can sell new or used sneakers with or without their box.

Gilt Groupe - The lifestyle designer items store

Gilt is a lifestyle ecommerce website based in the United States. They sell only the designer item. Their business promotion is offering “flash sales”, and then selling a limited number of luxury designer items at steep discounts for a brief period.  

Gilt offers all the famous brands in one marketplace. The visitors must be the members of Gilt Groupe to avail the benefits of flash sales. They constantly add new offers and sell products in different categories like women, men, children, home, travel and city. 

Their customer support is another factor which accounted for bringing more audience to do shopping from their website. They individually respond to each customer queries and feedback. 

Net-a-porter - The women's fashion items store 

Net-a-Porter sells fashion items only for women. They offer designer clothes, designer shoes, designer bags and designer accessories from top designer brands. 

Women’s fashion is the one fast-growing industry worldwide. Most women nowadays prefer to use designer items for their everyday fashion. Net-a-porter analyzed this trend well and started providing fashionable designer accessories to their customer. 

As a pioneer of innovation, Net-a-porter delivers the ultimate curation of product and content through its websites and shopping cart apps. They engage almost a monthly audience of over 6 million globally to shop from their store across mobile, tablet and desktop. 

Scavolini – The ecommerce store for kitchens

Scavolini is one of the world's largest kitchen and bathroom manufacturers located in Italy. They have been producing kitchens for over 50 years. Their major concern is about raising the kitchen standard in both style and functional aspects. Through its ecommerce store, the company is selling kitchen products all over the world. 

They made use of Three.js and Vue.js for a webpage that helps in building a lightweight website. They have used GSAP for creating Animation for their website. They presented the content elegantly on their website to improve readability with the help of typography principles. 

The best way to impress the user is with a visual. Scavolini implemented this technique with a visual display of their products in the form of video. Also, providing a guarantee is the only way to gain user trust. Hence, they offer a 60-month (5 years) guarantee on every product, which makes more people to trust them.

Wild & The Moon - The delicious organic food store 

The ecommerce business has grown in all aspect even in the food industry because of its high demand. Wild & The Moon is the one who delivers highly delicious organic food in Paris & Dubai. The store is based on the fact that food should be good for you, good for the planet, and delicious. 

The way they presented the website makes customers to visit their store at least once and also buy their products just to taste the delicious food. The minimal image and interesting content make the website easier to consume for the customers. It won't confuse visitors with irrelevant images or products. 

Esty - The handcrafted items marketplace

Esty is an ecommerce marketplace that is focused on selling handcrafted items. In this marketplace, anyone can sell, buy, and collect unique items. They sell the range of products including jewellery, bags, clothing, home decoration, furniture, toys, art, etc. 

Esty creates a blog for almost all the product categories that they sell which bring in more sellers and buyers to their website. They engage users with new trends with the help of related stories. Etsy has a unique business model for sellers to sell items on their marketplace. For example, if a seller wants to list a product, it charges them $0.20. 

Etsy has a clear and useful help centre, as well as a community forum. Customers can email or request a call with Etsy’s support staff at any time. 

Rakuten - The merchant focused marketplace 

Rakuten is the largest B2B and B2C ecommerce site in Japan and among the world's largest by sales. The marketplace offers a broad selection of products from baby & kids gear, clothing, electronics, travel & vacation, health & beauty, shoes & handbags, home improvement and appliances. Their marketing strategy is to provide offers and cashback, thereby, reaching millions of customers. 

They are the first company to launch a merchant-focused ecommerce marketplace. During the time of launch, no one believed people would ever buy or sell over the internet. Rakuten encourages merchants to share great ideas and connect with shoppers with quality products and reviews to ensure long-lasting relationships. 

Alibaba - The All-rounder

Alibaba provides C2C, B2B, and B2C ecommerce services worldwide. Their major vision is to build the future infrastructure of ecommerce. They almost sell everything online which includes machinery, apparels, electronics items, health care, vehicle, etc. 

They allow to select a product from certain suppliers and provides a separate support community for sellers and buyers. They provide faster access to the users irrespective of their mode of access. 

From ecommerce and payment systems to cloud services and artificial intelligence, there are few sectors left in which Alibaba hasn’t already established a strong presence. 

Thinking about an ecommerce marketplace? 

Ecommerce business is one such thing that never fails if it is done perfectly with the right marketplace software. Though the marketing strategies play a major role in ecommerce, the deciding factor depends on the software or platform that is used to build the ecommerce site.

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